The 3 Best Ellipticals for Home Use

The 3 Best Ellipticals for Home Use

If you want the best elliptical for home usage, you have to make sure to try and find one that has all the features you need for a great workout and also one that’s compact enough to fit around your house. You might also want to look into ellipticals that you can easily store, so that you don’t have to leave workout equipment around for others to see.

In my search for the best ellipticals for home use, I found three that fit that description pretty well for most people. All three of these elliptical have great features and specifications, and they’re all rather portable so that you can move them around your house with ease. They are all very durable, so they can withstand an accident here and there, and won’t break down easily. Here are the ellipticals that I believe are the best ellipticals for home use:

Sunny Magnetic Elliptical Trainer

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The Sunny Magnetic Elliptical trainer is a quality made product. It gives you low-impact cardiovascular training from the comfort of your office, living room or bedroom, and it goes for a very affordable price. It gives you a great upper and lower body workout without going hard on your knee joints, because you’ll definitely want to preserve those. The Sunny Elliptical has large anti-slip foot platforms for better stability and dynamically moving arms to engage your upper body muscles.

It also has a system of magnetic resistance for a smooth and flowing motion with a micro tension controller. This elliptical also includes a static, hand pulse monitoring system that will allow you to check your heart rate as you work out, thus making sure you’re at the right level. It also comes with a built-in computer to provide you with time, speed, distance, calories burned, and total distance data. This elliptical measures 37.8 by 26.6 by 60 inches and weighs 68 pounds for portability. You certainly can’t go wrong buying this model.

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Body Champ BRM3671 Cardio Dual Trainer

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The Body Champ BRM3671 Cardio Dual trainer is a great elliptical with an even better price. This elliptical is a fantastic two-in-one exercise machine that gives you the convenience of having both an elliptical and a stationary bike. It has patented elliptical motion design technology and in addition an advanced magnetic resistance system that will give you a quiet, smooth ride with little impact on your knees.

It has a programmable LCD console that features preset workout programs in case you get stuck on what type of workout to do, and also so you can vary your workouts. The console will give you great heart-rate-driven programs, and also give you the option of customizing your own program. The seat is easily adjustable, and will go both vertically and horizontally, allowing for maximum comfort. It also includes a strong, oversized steel construction to give it a weight capacity of 275 pounds. It also has a 14-inch stroke length to give you ample room with your stride. Hands down, this is one of the best models for home use.

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Horizon Fitness EX-59 Elliptical Trainer

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The Horizon Fitness EX-59 Elliptical trainer gives you the convenience of a smooth and natural stride when you’re working out on it. It comes with Sonic Surround speakers that’s compatible with MP3s and a COOLfit fitness fan, along with rubberized footpads to make your workouts more fun. It also provides you with 10 different programming options so that your fitness level can evolve.

This particular Horizon Fitness elliptical has SIXstar certification, promising six elements that will give you a smooth, natural elliptical experience. The ZEROgap gives you the perfect pedal placement, and the StraightUP body posture gives your body an upright position for maximum comfort and decreased fatigue, ultimately giving you faster results. The 18-inch FLATellipse foot path will give you a more natural foot path, making it feel like your normal walking and running motions, and decreasing your fatigue so you can have extended workouts. If you’re looking for the best elliptical for home use, this is an excellent model to consider.

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