The 3 Best Compact Ellipticals

The 3 Best Compact Ellipticals

When you’re looking for an elliptical, you most likely want to find one that is fairly compact, so that you can place it anywhere in your home, office or apartment. Portability is essential when you’re looking for any in-home workout machine. Not only should you look for an elliptical that’s compact , but you also have to look at other features to make sure a model is worth its price.

It was tough, but I found the three machines that will work well for anyone. Each of my choices are based on quality, performance, compactness, portability and durability. All of the ellipticals reviewed below satisfy those categories. If you do not find any of my recommendations a good fit, then I wish you good luck on your search. Here are recommendations for best compact elliptical:

Confidence Fitness Space Saving Elliptical Trainer

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With the Confidence Fitness Space Saving Elliptical trainer you can have a total body workout from the comfort of your own home or apartment, or even your office if you’re permitted to have workout equipment. This is a great space-saving, compact elliptical that you can use to meet your fitness goals. It will provide you with a low-impact cardiovascular workout for any type of person, regardless of age or ability. You can use it for event training (such as marathons), rehabilitation, or just regular cardio fitness workouts.

This elliptical’s measurements are only 36 inches long and 20 inches wide, so you can place it just about anywhere you want. It’s smaller than most chairs, but size isn’t everything, as it’s only one quality to consider. This model has a multi-function computer that monitors your speed, time, distance, calories and your pulse. This elliptical also has an adjustable magnetic resistance system and has a maximum capacity of 220 pounds. If you’re looking for one of the best compact ellipticals, this is certainly one to consider.

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Schwinn 431 Elliptical Trainer

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The Schwinn 431 Elliptical trainer gives you a fantastic cardiovascular workout that will combine your upper and lower body flexibility for maximum results. Working out on this elliptical will provide you with better balance and coordination in an impact free motion that will go easy on your knees and other joints. Every time you use this machine it will feel natural. You’ll be increasing lung and heart capacity and you’ll be burning lots and lots of calories.

This Schwinn elliptical will accommodate a large variety of users, since it has a full 18 inch stride length with bi-directional pedaling action, letting the user pedal forwards or backwards based on the muscle group that you’re targeting. It also gives you a variety of workout programs, such as heart-rate controlled programs, a calories program, a time trial, fitness test, 10 profile programs, two custom programs, and a choice do to something manually. This is also one of the smoothest and quietest ellipticals on the market, thanks to the Eddy Current magnetic brake resistance system. If you want one of the best compact ellipticals out there, this elliptical sits at the top.

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Body Rider Fan Elliptical Trainer

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If you don’t believe you have the money or the space for a home elliptical, you need to check out the Body Rider Fan Elliptical trainer, as it’s especially ideal for those that want an affordable and compact workout machine. This elliptical is a compact and electricity free fan elliptical that works for just about anyone. This is a patented elliptical that allows any user to perform amazing upper and lower body workouts with absolutely no impact on knees and other joints.

The fan wheels on this elliptical run smoothly and quietly for your convenience and the convenience of others. You may also choose the workout you desire, based on resistance levels by adjusting the belt tension control knob. There’s also a workout video included for extra motivation on those days where you just don’t feel like exercising. Overall, this is one of the best compact models out there. Look into purchasing one if you find that the features align with your needs.

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