The 2 Best Treadmills for Home

The 2 Best Treadmills for Home

Everyone’s looking to stay in shape, but there are so many other things that will get your attention away from exercising that there just seems to be no time to get to the gym. This is why it’s great to have a treadmill in your home. If you have a treadmill in your home you can do cardio for at least 20 minutes a day, and save time by not driving to the gym or even paying for a gym membership. Running or jogging is one of the best ways to stay fit, so investing in a treadmill for your home is very beneficial.

There are plenty of treadmills out there to choose from, ranging from the cheap ones, the ones that run off of no power at all, the ones with all the special features that will cost a fortune, and then everything in between. It all depends on what type of convenience you want and how much you’re willing to spend. In reality, if you use the treadmill on a daily basis, then whatever you spend will be worth it because you’re benefiting from it daily.

As a mother of two, I try to get in a workout of some sort daily or even a couple of short sessions daily. I don’t really have time to go off to the gym because someone needs to be the lady of the house. With my treadmill handy, I can still watch my kids and go for a jog in the ease and comfort of my own home.

In my search, I factored in the quality, the storability, the mobility, and the durability of the treadmills out there on the market today. I came up with two fantastic models that will suit your needs. Here are my recommendations:

Horizon Fitness T101-3 Treadmill

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The Horizon Fitness T101-3 treadmill is considered one of the “best buys” in its category. It combines a powerful, but quiet motor, along with a stable and comfortable platform with a very comprehensive console and sonic surround speakers with MP3 capabilities so you can play your music as you workout. This is a well-constructed piece of equipment, as it has a large heavy frame that will stay stable even during the most intense workouts sessions. It has a PerfectFLEX deck that provides cushioning for shock absorption and support.

There are many great features for this treadmill, and all for an affordable price. Want more features? Well, it’s also easily storable because of Horizon’s FeatherLight lift, incorporating two hydraulic shocks to help you when raising and lowering the deck of the treadmill. It also has a 2.25 continuous horsepower motor and a 20 x 55-inch two-ply belt. It goes from 0 to 10 mph and has a 0-10 incline. Overall this is a great choice.

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Sole Fitness F80 Folding Treadmill

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The Sole Fitness F80 Folding treadmill can be the perfect fit for your home. The only drawback that I potentially see is the price, as it’s pretty expensive. But if you want a sure thing then this treadmill is for you. The price is high because of the quality of the product, so you know that you’re purchasing a piece of equipment that’s superior to the rest.

This treadmill has a leading warranty, so you’re covered for a while if something goes wrong. It has a cushion flex whisper deck, tested out to make sure the impact is reduced up to 40% compared to running on asphalt, so you won’t be as hard on your knees while you work out. It runs on a rather strong 3.0 continuous duty HP motor that will give you challenging speeds up to 12 mph with up to 15% of incline. This is absolutely the top choice if money is not an issue.

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